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Villa Yambol steals the show at the most prestigious French wine competition


Kabile, inspired by ancient Thracian traditions, is the most awarded wine

For yet another year Villa Yambol reinforced the reputation of excellence and quality of Bulgarian wines by bringing home the largest number of medals from the most prestigious wine competition in the world, Vinalies Internatioanles. A total of 2,234 samples from 444 wineries were submitted for this year’s edition of the competition organized by the Union of Oenologists of France. They were tasted by 99 international wine experts.

Five of Villa Yambol’s medals were gold – for Kabile Chardonnay 2022, Villa Yambol Rosé 2022, Kabile Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, Kabile Syrah Reserve 2016 and for the Vineyards Selection white wine from the microterroirs of Troyanovo and Karageorgievo, 2022 vintage. The esteemed jury gave silver medals to Kаbile Rosé 2022 and Kabile Merlot Reserve 2016. Interestingly, the winery won high praises for wines from all price categories – including a gold medal for the value series Villa Yambol Rosé.

“This new batch of medals, from one of the most prestigious and demanding wine competitions, at that, is proof that Bulgarian wine makers can produce top-notch wines. We value especially highly the fact that we won awards in all price categories, even our most basic Villa Yambol rosé held its own against competitors from all over the world which were, in certain cases, several times more expensive,“ members of the Yambol winery revealed. It does not happen often for the very demanding French jury to give a gold medal to a rosé that was made outside of France.

Villa Yambol’s history dates back to the distant 1924. The biggest source of pride for the local winemakers are their vineyards. The company manages about 10,000 decares of vineyards, the most valuable of which are located in five microterroirs – Tenevo, Topolitsa, Troyanovo, Karageorgievo and Bolyarovo. The trademarks of Villa Yambol are Villa Yambol, Kabile and Vineyards Selection. All three were recognized at this year’s Vinalies Internationales. Kabile won the most prizes. The brand was named after the ancient Thracian city of Kabile which was located just several kilometers from the winery. It is one of the most awarded Bulgarian brands at international competitions. It finds its inspiration in the ancient wine-making traditions of the region. 

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Villa Yambol steals the show at the most prestigious French wine competition
Villa Yambol steals the show at the most prestigious French wine competition
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