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Aged Terroir Wines from Boliarovo, Tenevo and Topolitsa Impress Connoisseur


A rare series of collector wines captivates guests at some of the best restaurants around this autumn

Romantic legends and real-life stories keep alive the memory of the Wind Rose, the marker on sailors’ compasses which has saved the lives of countless seafarers in deep blue seas. In wine-making, the rose is used as indicator for growing some of the best grapes. Knowing the prevalent winds in an area allows makers to select the best fields for growing grapes in any given area. Thanks to this approach, vineyards produce the best possible grapes that make wine truly spectacular and unique.

Inspired by the experience of generations of oenologists, 13 years ago, the experts at Villa Yambol planted the grape wines that would give them the best wine years later. The grapes produced using this approach is what creates the rich tastes and aromas of the new collector series of aged wines. The wines from the Vineyards Selection series come from the villages of Boliarovo, Tenevo and  Topolitsa. They captivate the guests of some of the best restaurants in Bulgaria this autumn with a wide range of experiences, a feast for the senses for wine connoisseurs.

The boutique series of wines from Boliarovo are pure Cabernet Sauvignon that has been aged for 18 months in French barrels. The limited series from Tenevo is a coupage from the Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot varieties, which has aged for 16 months in French oak barrels. The wine from Topolitsa is pure Syrah aged for 12 months in French barrels. With these three premium wines, the cellar showcases the power of terroir, a key prerequisite for high-quality products. A curious detail about these select wines is that the grapes from the vineyards in the eastern foothills of Stara Planina, are picked by hand and kept in small crates. The first stage of the wine making process is the typical open fermentation in small barrels made from Bulgarian-grown oak, which has been used by generations of Bulgarian wine makers. Next is the microvinification in small vessels which takes place before aging in barrels made from French oak.

The limited series of wines from the three areas are already enjoying international attention and recognition from some of the most prestigious international competitions this year. A high praise and evidence of the impeccable quality and level of the wine made by Villa Yambol is the honorary gold medal for Vineyards Selection Syrah from Topolitsa at the Los Angeles International Wine Competition, where the product scored 90 points. At the same forum, the jury gave the silver medal to the coupage wine from Tenevo while Vineyards Selection Cabernet Sauvignon from Boliarovo took home the bronze medal. At the start of the year, the ruby-colored elixir of the same area won silver at Vinalies Internationales and gold at the travelling international competition of Mondial de Bruxelles.

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Aged Terroir Wines from Boliarovo, Tenevo and Topolitsa Impress Connoisseur