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Production site

Production sites

Villa Yambol

Villa Yambol has two production sites for red, white and sparkling wines in the town of Yambol and in Straldzha.

Productovi Moshnosti Villa Yambol

Significant investment had been introduced in the period 2003-2005.

2003-2005 sizable investments included increase of production capacity, buying new distillation columns, fermenters, pumps, French and Bulgarian oak barrels, as well as construction of a new cooperage were made. The total grapes processing capacity amounted to over 16 million kg., and storage capacity to over 18 million l.

Production capacity of Yambol winery

The production site in Yambol is a facility disposing with 11 000 tons of storage capacity and could process 500 tons of raw material daily. It also has 3 bottling lines with capacity of 3000 bottles per hour.

Productovi Moshnosti Villa Yambol
Productovi Moshnosti Villa Yambol

Master coopers create new barrels of high quality oak.

Villa Yambol is one of the few companies in Bulgaria, possessing its own cooperage house. Master coopers with many years of experience produce here new barrels from high quality Bulgarian oak. In the workshop they also recycle old barrels to a French technology. The company has more than 800 French oak barrels type 'barriques' with a capacity of 225 litres and over 1000 Bulgarian oak barrels with a capacity of both 500 and 225 l. The old barrels are regularly replaced by new ones every 3-4 years.

Productovi Moshnosti Villa Yambol
Productovi Moshnosti Villa Yambol

It is a curious fact that Bulgarian oak is rated second to French quality wise.

Straldzha District

Straldzha district boasts an extremely good terroir and long lasting distillation traditions.

Productovi Moshnosti Villa Yambol
Productovi Map Moshnosti Villa Yambol


Productovi Moshnosti Villa Yambol

The first Bulgarian Muscat Brandy (Rakia) was produced here.

The winery produces one of the finest brandies in Bulgaria – “Straldzha Muscat Brandy”, winner of numerous national and international awards.

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Productovi Moshnosti Villa Yambol