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Thracian Wine


Wine has been produced in the Bulgarian lands for over 5000 years. Centuries ago, the ancient Thracians populated our territory. Thracians are believed to be the first ancient civilization to cultivate vineyards and make wine. They are also the originators of the wine cult and used wine as ritual offering to their Gods. In this wondrous ancient world full of mysteries, Thracian priests used wine in rituals and sacred ceremonies as a symbol of the unity between men and Gods.

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Dionysus - The God of Wine, Vine & Feasts

The God of wine and feasts and his famous Dionysian festivities occupy a central place in the ancient Thracian culture. During the joyful wine celebrations, beautiful maenads (females) praised Dionysus in an ecstatic frenzy of dancing and intoxication. Initially, wine was produced mainly in Maritza and Tundzha river valleys and around the seaports. This is why today these areas are still the strongholds of the local winemaking traditions.


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Gold and Silver Thracian Treasures

Proof of the Thracians’ highest esteem for wine can be found in numerous Bulgarian Thracian gold and silver treasures, the majority of which represent beautiful wine serving sets. The Thracians were considered some of the best winemakers in ancient times. The fragrant aromatic wine produced on our lands was famous all over the world; Homer himself praised its quality.

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Wine and Blood

The ancient Thracian temples glorified the Sun. The Sun, from an astrological perspective, is associated with the heart. According to the Thracian, wine has a sacred connection with blood. That is why both wine and blood carry the divine spirit and have been associated with ancient holy rituals.

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