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Villa Yambol Wins Record-Setting 8 Medals at Vinalies Internationales


The KABILE and Vineyards Selection series bring home six gold and two silver medals.

Villa Yambol won a total of 8 medals, six gold and two silver, at the prestigious Vinalies Internationales wine competition. The gold medals went to the winery’s naturally sparkling wine, Vineyards Selection BRUT Blanc de Blancs 2015, the reds Vineyards Selection Bolyarovo from Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, Vineyards Selection Topolitsa Syrah 2017, KABILE Syrah 2019, KABILE Merlot Reserve 2016, and KABILE Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2019. Vineyards Selection Rosé 2023, Vineyards Selection Tenevo Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot 2019 won silver. “We are happy to receive such high praise from industry professionals. What is more, the gold medals we won were for well-known wine varieties which everyone is familiar with and is therefore more difficult to make an impression” Krassimir Avramov, Executive Director of Villa Yambol commented.

At this year’s edition of the competition, a total of 879 wines from 32 countries were evaluated. Bulgarian wine makers won 14 medals. The competing wines were appraised by 120 experts from 40 nations based on blind tasting where product quality was the leading criterion.

In 2024, Villa Yambol celebrates its centennial anniversary, which makes it one of the oldest wine makers in Southern Bulgaria. The winery’s team is convinced that respecting traditions, both historical, in terms of terroir, and professionally, as wine makers, is a key factor for the success and the taste of their wines. The winery makes wines from its own 10,000 decares of vine yards and is especially proud of the grapes it grows in the Tenevo, Troyanovo, Topolnitsa and Bolyarovo micro-regions, which are earmarked especially for the production of the wines from the Vineyards Selection limited series. The winery’s other winning series, KABILE, takes its inspiration from the Thracian traditions that still live in Bulgaria. It is named after the ancient Thracian city of Kabile, whose ruins lie just a few kilometers from the winery grounds.

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Villa Yambol Wins Record-Setting 8 Medals at Vinalies Internationales