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Villa Yambol Rosé won 2 silver medals at the prestigious competition Mondial du Rosé in Cannes


Villa Yambol Rosé, vintage 2014, won two silver medals at prestigious wine competition Mondial du Rosé. Traditionally, it is held annually in Cannes, France, and gathers the best rosé wines in the world. In the competition were sent 1114 samples evaluated by 60 wine experts. From Bulgaria joined 24 wines.

Not random is the fact that Mondial du Rosé is organized precisely in the cultural capital of the region Provence – rosé homeland that became a trade mark of theirs. More than half of the wines at thecompetition are French rosé wines which highlights the successful performance of the Bulgarian company. Silver medals were for Villa Yambol Rosé, a dry wine to be sold on the domestic market, and Villa Yambol Rosé, a wine with residual sugar, developed for the Swedish market. Both wines are made from Cabernet Sauvignon, vintage 2014.

If you manage to stand out above the rest in a competition with the best in the world, this is a real success and shows the potential of Villa Yambol Rosé standing worthy on the map of pink wines.

Category Rosé wins more major success worldwide. Its consumption has increased by 15% over 10 years, report organizers of the Mondial du Rosé.

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