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The first international recognition for Vineyards Selection Blanc de Blancs natural sparkling wine


Gold medal awarded by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

The natural sparkling wine Vineyards Selection Blanc de Blancs won its first gold medal. The high appreciation came from the sparkling wines session of Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2023. 1000 beverages took part in the competition this year; they were tasted by 50 wine experts of 25 nationalities.

This is the first international recognition for the quality of the white sparking Vineyards Selection Blanc de Blancs. It is 2015 vintage, 100% Chardonnay, created by the use of the most difficult and expensive traditional method, or the so called classical technology. This is an expensive and long process where secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle itself. The grapes come from the Topolitsa micro region where the vines are planted 10 years ago after a detailed analysis of the soils, sunshine, even the wind direction. The vine areas are oriented in accordance with the Wind Rose – a seaman’s reference point, which takes into account the direction and intensity of the wind currents, so that the grapes reveal their potential at most.

The Vineyards Selection series presents the strive of the big Yambol producer to create unique wines in the high-price class from well-known varieties, which present the wealth of the home terroir. This is why every operation related to their creation is perfectly fine tuned and the number of bottles is limited. The limited brand includes red wines, rosé, white and two sparkling wines.

According to the executive officer of the Yambol vineyard, Krasimir Avramov, having in the portfolio a natural sparkling wine is a proof of the high professionalism of the team, an honour for every oenologist and a serious financial challenge. However, he is convinced that thanks to the good grapes, the wealth of the terroir and the accurate performance of every stage of production, Bulgaria has the potential to create world-class sparkling wines, which compete the best French wines but excel them in price-to-quality ratio.

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The first international recognition for Vineyards Selection Blanc de Blancs natural sparkling wine